Umadina – furniture and more


by Meral Arısoy, 2021

Joyofa consists of two pieces that combine thin sections, a stylish and deep form design with a simple setup, and a stylish angle to connect to one another.

Joyofa, which can also be produced as leather upholstery and fabric, provides its user with a comfortable resting and usage area. The cushions in different sizes on the back create a dynamic design language on it. The element that completes this design language with elegance is; are the metal details of the carrier legs in stainless, chrome color.

Besides, by offering different form alternatives to its user, Joyofa has also given the opportunity to use corners when combined with its complementary piece, which can be used as a coffee table or a pouf.

Joyofa is a confident and strong design interpretation thanks to the deep and masculine effect it creates in spaces.