Umadina – furniture and more

UMADINA,folding screen

by Meral Arısoy, 2021

Umadina represents the bondage that exists within freedom. The surface, which resembles a cocoon, is holding out for its owner to be freed.

The translucent appearance in the setup of the kabuki folding screen provides privacy, while the metal internal connections make it functional and dynamic.

The Umadina folding screen's translucent arrangement offers privacy, and its utilitarian, mobile design is supported by metal internal connections. Umadina's innovative design style turns it from a work of fiction into a work of reality and enables it to project powerful energy into the surrounding area. The Umadina and its wearer develop a solid link as a result of this energy.

The Umadina folding screen creates a magical and deep meaning in the places where it is used.